Experience Over 180+ Workshops 

Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, unequipped -- none of us have emerged from these tough times unscathed. Hope, support, resources -- The Culture Project invites you to come together at the Restore Culture Virtual Workshops and learn how to respond and restore culture, starting with ourselves and our own local communities.


These workshops are about coming together to ask the human questions. If you are looking for answers to those question or if you're a parent, an educator, a pastor, mentor, single, married, or a parent looking for community -- this weekend is for you. 


Come to be filled, leave being equipped. We're in this together.

The Workshops

During the free Restore Culture Virtual Workshops weekend we will be offering our video workshops in two categories, State of Life and Topic-Based.

  • Learn from 100+ Experts

  • Journey Together With Your Peers

  • Testimonies from Young People

Inspired as ever by Pope St. John Paul II, we’re setting out to create an environment where, for every participant, these truths can penetrate both the head and the heart, and be translated into action.

Parents & Guardians


 If you’re a single parent, married, aunt or uncle, guardian or carer of young children -  these workshops are for you.

Join the discussion and receive practical tips on how to equip your children for a life of purity; find recourse in a community of young parents, seeking and asking the same questions.

Educators & Pastors


 If you’re an educator, pastor, campus minister, or are charged with the formal education of a young person - these workshops are for you.

Find resources for your students on various topics.

All Other Humans


Life is hard and you don’t have to go it alone. If you are navigating single life, gender issues, how to talk to your friend contemplating abortion, or any of the other tough topics, this weekend is for you.

The Speakers

We have brought together over 100+ speakers that will each give a virtual workshop on various topics!

We will also have testimonials from various speakers on how these topics have impacted them!


Meet all of our workshop speakers below:

  • Aires Patulot

  • Alessandro DiSanto

  • Alex DeRose

  • Anna Carter

  • Amber and Cel Ezeani

  • Ally Klekas

  • Adam Fusilier

  • Archbishop Nelson Perez

  • Andrew Brown

  • Andrew Reinhart

  • Andrew Swafford

  • Armando Torvar

  • Amanda Vernon

  • Bianca Tan

  • Brian Butler

  • Brendan McCauley

  • Bobby and Jackie Angel

  • Br. Cassian Edwards

  • Caitlin Bostrom

  • Chad Etzel

  • Cameron Fradd

  • Cecilia Flores

  • Chenele Shaw

  • Christopher West

  • Colin Nykaza

  • Claudine Noel

  • Colin MacIver

  • Cristina Barba

  • Crystalina Evert

  • Dina Gregory

  • DJ Bernal

  • Dr. Greg Bottaro

  • Dr. Mario Sacasa

  • Dr. Monique Ruberu

  • Dr. Ross A. Bones-Castro

  • Emorja Roberson

  • Elizabeth Busby

  • Ellie Jensen

  • Emily Harpole

  • Emily Liuzza

  • Everett Fritz

  • Emmet Dooley

  • Fr. Boniface Hicks

  • Fr. Canice McMullen

  • Fr. Adam Potter

  • Fr. Gregory Pine

  • Fr. Mark-Mary

  • Fr. Pierre Toussaint

  • Fr. Ryan Mann

  • Genesis Gutierrez

  • Gian and Natalie Gamboa

  • Hannah Gutierrez

  • Helen Taylor

  • Isaac Huss

  • Jasmine Pujol

  • January Donovan

  • Jen Ricard

  • Jess Echeverry

  • Jason Evert

  • Joey Ponterelli

  • Joel and Kate Feldpausch

  • Joel Stepanek

  • Julia Engeldowl

  • Joe and Erica Hansbrough

  • Jonathon Van Maren

  • Julia Sadusky, Psy.D

  • Kathleen Folan

  • Klarissa Chichioco

  • Keith Beaver

  • Kiki Rocha

  • Kendra Tierney​

  • Kristen Deasy

  • Kelsey Skoch

  • Leah Jacobson

  • Leticia Ochoa Adams

  • Liana Hollendonner

  • Lillian Fallon

  • Lindsay Fay

  • Lindsay Fullerman

  • Maggie Craig

  • Mari Pablo

  • Melissa Ohden

  • Mike and Alicia Hernon

  • Mike and Jess Lahey

  • Molly Sheahan

  • Maria Abbe

  • Maria Spears

  • Mary Lenaburg

  • Matt Lozano

  • Meg Hunter Kilmer

  • Megan Mohan

  • Nathan Crankfield

  • Nick and Alina De La Torre

  • Nathan Maurer

  • Paula Rohrbacher

  • Pawel and Kate (Capato) Machura

  • Pete Burak

  • Phil Tran

  • Peter Santiago

  • Peter Range

  • Rachel Bulman

  • Rachel Ullmann

  • Randall Tan

  • Ray Pingoy

  • Regina Boyd

  • Rose Sweet

  • Ryan McQuade

  • Samantha Kelley

  • Sam Huddleston

  • Santonio Hill

  • Sarah Hulse

  • Sarah Houde

  • Sarah Swafford

  • Sebastian Ronquillo

  • Simon and Maddie Carrington

  • Sisters of Life

  • Sister Helena Burns, FSP

  • Taylor Buckley

  • Thomas Costello

  • Victoria Mastrangelo

Spanish Speakers

  • Aldo Trevino

  • Astrid Bennett Gutierrez

  • Brenda Noriega

  • Claudia Lopez

  • Catherine Rivadeneyra Bello

  • Cristian and Gabriella Cardona

  • David Bisono

  • Daniel and Maria Online

  • Deacon Charlie Echeverry

  • Eliana Perez Rodriguez

  • Evan Lemoine

  • Father Jean-Paul Soler 

  • Father Derlis García

  • Gustavo Mejia

  • Hugo and Rous Torres

  • Jessica De La Vega

  • Jorge and Kim Ortega

  • Janeth Chavez

  • Lauris Glez de Córdoba

  • Kelly Marcela Benavides

  • Kiki Rocha

  • Mari Pablo

  • Marcela Figueroa Alcala

  • Mauricio Romero